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Rooms and suites

Our visitors are politely requested to respect some rules governing our 2 bedrooms and 3 suites (5 units):

  • Upon request, in each suite with 2 rooms, the smaller of the two can be turned into an office or a sitting room.
  • All units overlook the park, are air-conditioned and feature a bathroom with bathtub/shower, toilet, hairdryer, and towels. Also included is a TV, safe, luggage-rack, valet and large closets.
  • The bedding is new and particularly cosy. The floor is carpeted and gives a ‘cosy’ atmosphere but, as a result, we do not accept pets.
  • All furniture, whether of rustic or designer style, are antiques…

We strive to create, in each unit, harmony through the choice of colours and styles, to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

In the former chapel, converted into a ‘pool house’, you have access to a summer dining room and a kitchen where you can, for example, prepare a picnic or heat a waterbottle. This place may also be used as a games room during bad weather.

Touraine is a wine-producing region; this is why every unit has the name of a wine, which are married to some characters…

« Who drinks water would die without joy » ( François Rabelais, 16th century ) »

Vouvray room

« Balzac’s favourite wine! And long before him, Grandgousier: “It is a pineau wine! Sweet white wine! And, by my soul, it is only taffeta wine… » « A single…

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Montlouis room

« Through its winemaking process, more traditional than his rival and neighbor Vouvray, this vineyard is young and dynamic, betting on the future » With 45m², Montlouis is  the old…

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Azay suite

« Azay le Rideau wine comes from a good vineyard, in the shadow of the castle. This is a pure and delicate chenin, with a great finesse and a rare…

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Bourgueil suite

« Deriving from Cabernet Franc (soft and fruity) there is not just one but several Bourgueil: some called “gravel”; soft, round and easy to drink with aromas of raspberries. They…

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Chinon suite

« The Chinon wine is the wine of kings… those who have left their mark on our literature, our history… and our castles. These wines are blooming (violet, peony) and…

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