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Vouvray room

35 m²

« Balzac’s favourite wine! And long before him, Grandgousier: “It is a pineau wine! Sweet white wine! And, by my soul, it is only taffeta wine… »
« A single grape variety but… several Vouvray that nature determines each year, imposing the typical maturation and aging potential – sometimes exceptional – makes these wines witty »

The exceptional side of this wine is in this room…With its 35m² Its nobility is explained: in the past, the lord of the place made this HIS room.

Now, this is the ideal bedroom for newlyweds…

On the first floor, overlooking the park with two large windows, this wide bedroom, in blue shades and with great Empire furniture, offers a double king-size bed (180 x 200 cm).
Her bedding is as new as it is voluptuous…

In this wonderful bathroom where two windows overlook the pool, you will enjoy a corner bath.

Vouvray deserves to be rented by a couple enjoying luxury and looking for some intimity.

Further informations

  • Windows opening on to the park by double direction
  • Air-conditioned room
  • Bathroom is equipped with bath / shower, bidet
  • Hairdryer
  • Towel dryer
  • Private WC
  • TV
  • Chest
  • Luggage support
  • Valet
  • Large closets
  • Free WiFi
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